About Us

  • Company

    We're the one and only ebonite manufacturer in Japan, founded in 1952.

    There used to be many ebonite factories in Japan. Ebonite was used for many things including electrical parts like insulators, bowling balls, telephones, gramophones, radios, fountain pens, etc. After that, with the invention of the plastic resin, ebonite gained less attention.

    However, we see the possibilities in the future of the ebonite. Ebonite made from natural rubber and sulfur can't be replaced by plastic resin for their excellent features, such as electrical insulation, acid / alkali resistance, durability, and heat resistance. Ebonite can be parts of the instruments and audio products, and they improve the quality of the sounds.

    We will continue to produce as long as ebonite is in need.
    Ebonite has got attention from overseas as "the Old but New material"

    We accept the orders from the wholesalers as well as the individual customers, and from one piece, which are highly appreciated around the world and is making the exports to overseas increasing.

    We'll keep looking for the possibilities of the ebonite to meet customers' requests and offer the best quality ebonite to the customers all over the world.

  • Ebonite

    Ebonite is the very old resin.
    It is said as "the first synthetic resin that became popular."
    It was invented by Charles Goodyear in 1839, United States of America.
    It's dark brown and very hard, the main raw material of which is natural rubber.
    When rubber and sulfur are mixed and heated, they combined to form a very hard vulcanized rubber. This is Ebonite.

    The name of "Ebonite" originated from what it looks like "ebony."
    It's durable and chemically stable, and features excellent electrical insulation and machinability.
    Ebonite used to be seen everywhere.
    Ebonite fits to hands and fingers, has hardness, and doesn't swell or shrink. It has different texture and usage from those of other kinds of materials, such as, other resin, wood, or metal.

  • Products

    Ebonite has a good and unique quality and sense of touch, which is different from  resin, wood, and metal. It's been collecting attention as the irresistible material for the lovers of fountain pens, instruments, and smoking pipes.

    Products made from ebonite
    - fountain pens 

    - woodwind mouth pieces 

    - smoking pipes

    - reel handles and side plates

    - knife handles

    - brush handles