• Fountain pens

    Ebonite has been used as a fountain pen material since the 19th century. It is the best material because it is easy to process, durable, and feels good to the touch.

  • Musical Instruments

    Ebonite has good acoustic characteristics and is used as a mouthpiece for woodwind instruments.

  • Knife Handles

    Ebonite has a good grip and is easy to process, so it is suitable for knife handles.

  • Brush handles

  • Smoking pipes

  • Reels

Fountain pens (Newton Pens)

Smoking Pipes (BBJ piber)

Shaving Brush ( AP Shave Co.)

Brush handles

[MOTTLE] UNPOLISHED ROD (dia. 22 mm - 45 mm)

Reels (Holireels)

Canada Fishing Reels