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nikkoebonite order rods


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[Black ebonite]

ebonite is one of the forms of rubber. It is a hard and glossy rubber, and is called "Ebonite" because it looks like ebony. The developer is Charles Goodyear, who vulcanized and hardened raw rubber for a long time. Sulfur content ranges from 30% -40%. Ebonite has excellent weather resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance, and has strong mechanical strength. It is used in bowling balls, fountain pen bodies, ink feeds, mouthpieces for musical instruments such as saxophones and clarinets, and mouthpieces for smoking pipes.

[Color Variations]

There are two variations of black ebonite.
The ingredients of "Black Ebonite" are vulcanized products containing only raw rubber and sulfur.
"Pure black ebonite" contains carbon black and has a slightly deeper black.

[The length of a rod]

The rod is manufactured with a length of 1m.


[Unpolished rod]

- Rods before those polished.

- Rough surface.

- Dia. size is a little thicker(about 1mm).

[Delivery time]

In case that products that you want are out of stock, we start to produce after your payment.
It takes about 16-18 weeks to make.


Please make sure that a package should be less than 29kg.
In case that net weight exceeds 29kg, order separate dividing by less than 29kg.



[Basic Terms and Conditions]

- MOQ : accept from 1 piece (meter).
- Price: FOB, Tokyo, Japan.
- Payment: Advanced payment in Japanese Yen through PayPal or T/T.
- Shipment: By EMS / DHL / Sea Mail
- Cutting cost: Buyer’s account.
- Freight, insurance and import customs duties: Buyer’s account.
 (When a postman delivers goods, you may pay tariffs etc.)
- Delivery : Approximately 16-18 weeks after confirmation of payment.