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nikkoebonite order rods

"PURE BLACK" POLISHED RODS which contains carbon black for non-discoloration

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There are two variations of black ebonite: "Black Ebonite" and "Pure Black Ebonite".
The ingredients of "Black Ebonite" are vulcanized products containing only raw rubber and sulfur.
"Pure Black Ebonite" contains the carbon black for non-discoloration.


 1000 mm.


[Polished rod]

- Rods which surface is polished by center-less grinder.

- Smooth surface.

[Delivery time]

In case that products that you want are out of stock, we start to produce after your payment.
It takes about 12-14 weeks to make.


Please make sure that a package should be less than 29kg.
In case that net weight exceeds 29kg, order separate dividing by less than 29kg.



[Basic Terms and Conditions]

- MOQ : accept from 3 piece (meter).
- Price: FOB, Tokyo, Japan.
- Payment: Advanced payment in Japanese Yen through PayPal or T/T.
- Shipment: By EMS / DHL / Sea Mail
- Cutting cost: Buyer’s account.
- Freight, insurance and import customs duties: Buyer’s account.
 (When a postman delivers goods, you may pay tariffs etc.)
- Delivery : Approximately 12-14 weeks after confirmation of payment.